Now Trending: Gluten-Free Holiday Baking

Just kidding. That’s not trending.

But for those who are gluten-free, either due to Celiac disease or personal preference or whatever, we definitely understand the need to be prepared with some freakin’ amazing gluten-free goodies. At The Smallflower, we’re gearing up to supply you with your holiday baking needs!  

Here’s what we think you’ll want this month, and what we’ll attempt to create out of both love and also genuine hunger (you can comment on this post to let us know if we’re on point):

Cinnamon Buns: Gooey, sticky, amazing, gluten-free cinnamon buns. Yep. You know you’re all over this shit.

Gingerbread Men: All of the yummy stuff; none of the gluten stuff. Coming soon!

Dinner Rolls: All of our bread is vegan and glorious. You must try, pronto. And you can totally lie and tell your dinner guests that you made them yourself—we don’t care.

Biscotti: Where else can you find gluten-free biscotti?! The answer? Fucking nowhere. Only here. If you know about somewhere else that makes this stuff in-house, please tell us where, and we’ll be taken down a peg. (Because right now we’re sure we’re pretty awesome.)

Bliss Balls: These tiny amazing morsels of love and taste explosions fly outta here, fast. So be sure to stop by on your way to work or on your lunch break—because they’re totally worth it.

Cake—all of the cake: It’s true. We have a lot of cake selection here. Don’t believe us? Check out our website for a complete list of flavours.

Tarts: We’re not talking about your co-workers—these are actual gluten-free tarts. (As opposed to your gluten-filled colleagues.)

Cupcakes: You saw the cake descriptions, right? So mini those. If you didn’t look, visit HERE.

We don’t supply gluten-free products to a variety of commercial locations for no reason—we make some incredible shit. Pop in and taste for yourself! We’re located at 47 West Hastings, in the heart of Gastown. It would be irresponsible for you to just walk on by.

See you soon, and catch up with us on social at @smallflowercafe || /smallflowercafe.