Local Eat Joints: Friends of Smallflower Cafe

Well, it’s the end of January, and we don’t know about you, but we feel like 2017 began with a bang! This past month, we’ve participated in several events, including The Gluten-Free Expo, Fall for Local’s panel Food Business: What We Know Now, But Didn’t Know Then, and both the Hastings Park Winter Market and the Nat Bailey Stadium Winter Market!


Do you want to know what we learned this month while throwing ourselves into all this craziness? We learned that we are surrounded by some pretty amazing Vancouver-based food businesses. There is a whole community of us to support one another, and it’s kind of a humble and incredible group to be part of!

Here are some of the local food businesses that we collaborate, work, and supply with, and receive assistance from on a continual basis:

MeeT in Gastown

MeeT in Gastown is a super cool restaurant located at 12 Water Street. They carry our gluten-free white buns, and is the little sister to MeeT on Main. (Just like how The Smallflower is the little sister to The Wallflower! More on that later…)

MeeT on Main

MeeT on Main is located at 4288 Main Street (between 27th and 28th), and also carry our gluten-free white buns!

The Nosherie

The Nosherie is a cute little deli located at 575 West Georgia. They love (and carry) our gluten-free focaccia buns. Check ‘em out!

Olive + Ruby

Also carrying our gluten-free focaccia buns, is Olive + Ruby. This cutie café is at 2839 West Broadway.

Virtuous Pie

Our awesome gluten-free waffle cones are currently living at Virtuous Pie in Chinatown! The street address is 583 Main Street.

What’s up Hotdog

What else would this quirky little hot spot carry of ours, other than gluten-free hot dog and hamburger buns?! Check out What’s Up Hot Dog at 2481 E Hastings.

The Uncommon Café

The Uncommon Café is located at 477 Powell Street, and is home to our gluten-free hot dog buns!

Revel Juice

One of the coolest juice bars in town (and we have LOTS in Vancouver!), Revel Juice must love us loads, because they carry our biscotti, bliss balls, cookies, muffins, nanaimo bars, orange chew bars, and peanut butter bars—all gluten-free, of course. Catch up with them at 1978 West Broadway.

Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck trusts our gluten-free white buns to make their magic with! Find them in various locations around Vancouver.

Say Hello Sweets

Say Hello Sweets makes amazing vegan ice cream, which we use to stuff our gluten-free waffle cones with. They carry our gluten-free cookies and cones, and we make drumsticks with their creamy ice cream. Basically, it’s a match made in vegan, gluten-free heaven. Find them in their cute food truck in various locations around metro Vancouver.

Fluffy Kittens

Despite what the name might indicate, Fluffy Kittens is not a cute pet shop. They sell artisanal ice cream and are the bomb! They carry our gluten-free waffle cones, and are located at 611 Gore Avenue in Chinatown.

The Wallflower

What can we say about our big sister?! The Wallflower is one of our best customers (obviously), and carry our gluten-free buns, focaccia, flatbread, veggie sausage, desserts, and more! Find them at 2420 Main Street.

Caveman Cafe

Do you ever feel like you’d eat better quality food if someone just made it for you and brought it to your home? ‘Cuz that’s what Caveman Café will do for you! This healthy and awesome meal prep and delivery service carries our gluten-free biscotti, and they’re located at 88 West Pender.

 We also carry the following products that compliment our café: ice cream from Say Hello Sweets (mentioned above), jam from Le Meadows Pantry, chocolate from Denman Island Chocolate, and coffee from Agro Coffee Roasters.

The next time you’re around one of these yummy local food businesses (including the Smallflower Café!), pop in and look around. We all support each other with awesome local products that are fresh and taste amazing.

See you soon!