12 Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

If you’re like us, you love breakfast. Even better? Second breakfast! The thought of eating is what gets most of us out of bed every morning, so here are a few ideas that are easy to prepare and give you zero excuses for missing out on the most important meal of the day:


It’s good to start the morning with some fruit to get the digestive system going, after fasting all night. Our bodies digest fruit faster than anything else, so fruit should be eaten alone either an hour before breakfast, or about two hours after.

Fruit is also easy to wash and prepare the night before so its ready as soon as you get out of bed.

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a personal favourite. You can make enough for a couple days and keep it in the fridge, and since there are a ton of great recipes out there, you never have to make the same version twice. Try coconut milk chia pudding with some shredded coconut blended inside and a mango puree on top.

Chia (the Mayan word for strength) is an amazing little seed and these bad boys will keep you full right through ‘til lunch time. The benefits you’ll get from chia go on and on, but we notice the biggest difference in our skin.

Overnight Oats

Another awesome breakfast food that you can prepare the night before is overnight oats. Just throw some gluten-free rolled oats and nut mylk in a jar with whatever else you like on top or mixed in. Place it in the fridge, and open it up in the morning!

Apple cinnamon overnight oats is our favourite; the texture and sweetness of applesauce (even from the unsweetened kind) is perfect, and cinnamon helps you to concentrate, making it a perfect food to start your day with.

If you prefer your oats to be hot, you can get them cooking first thing, then get ready and eat once you’re all done. Try hiding seeds in your oatmeal—they add a lot of nutrients, and you’ll probably enjoy the added texture.

Breakfast Wrap

Everyone loves a great breakfast wrap. Try using a large rice of teff flour tortilla and filling it with refried beans, a tostada, fresh salsa, some avocado, and hot sauce. Wrap it all up, and throw it in a pan for a minute or so on each side. Yum!

Huevos Rancheros

Another amazing awesome breakfast idea is huevos rancheros, which is typically scrambled eggs and a tomato chili sauce on a corn tortilla. It also often has rice or refried beans, as well.

(Eggs can easily be substituted with a tofu scramble for our vegan friends.)

Hash Browns

It’s so easy to chop up potatoes before you go to bed and throw them in a frying pan in the morning with some oil, water, and spices, then cover with a lid. They can slowly cook, and you can eat them once you’ve finished the rest of your morning ritual! Again, avocado and hot sauce is a great pair with hash browns.

Love yams? Try making yam hash browns! Even better, try mixing yams and potatoes together.

Please don’t think your food can’t be fun and delicious just because it’s gluten-free. There’s nothing boring about it. In fact, it’s better, and probably better for you than any normal conventional gluten-laden breakfast. Get creative, love your mornings, and love your breakfast. Get excited to get out of bed and enjoy your food, Vancouver!

Still not into making yourself breakfast? Here’s what you can easily grab to go from The Smallflower:

  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Bliss Balls
  • Banana Bread
  • Bagels
  • Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Remember that everything we make is gluten-free, and usually vegan, too. (Except the breakfast sandwich—that is full egg, cheese, and bacon. Vegans beware.) If you don’t know what to eat for breakfast, or you have no time to make yourself one of the suggestions above, please stop by and let us take care of you.

We’re located at 47 West Hastings, and you can also find us every other Sunday at the Hastings Park Farm Market. ALSO: if you live in East Van, try our sister restaurant, The Wallflower.