Gluten-Free in Gastown

Gastown, Vancouver is an awesome place to operate a mostly vegan and gluten-free café and bakeshop, because its environment is so eclectic—just like our customers! Because celiac disease doesn’t discriminate, and a gluten-free lifestyle choice can be chosen by anybody, our customers are as diverse and amazing as they come.

Which makes total sense—have you seen this neighbourhood? It’s the BEST!

From toddlers to twenty-somethings to near-centenarians, we get to meet the coolest and most vibrant people that Gastown has to offer! And because we make and serve everything from bliss balls to cookies to sandwiches, there’s something for everyone.

Here are our customer’s favourites:

·       Cinnamon buns

·       Nanaimo bars

·       Chocolate chip muffins

We also carry an awesome selection of mostly vegan and 100% gluten-free sandwiches, including:

·       Veggie Melt

·       BBQ Tofu

·       Avocado BLT

·       Citrus Eggplant

·       Roast Chicken

·       Balsamic Veggie

Also? Even though it doesn’t really look like it, summer is COMING! We have gluten-free hot dog buns, so get ‘em fresh—they’re delicious. A complete list of menu items can be found on our website, so check it out and run right over! We also take custom orders on baked goods, so if you’re in the market for a vegan and gluten-free wedding cake or birthday cake or anything else that may be hard to find, we can help you!

Remember, our eats are made fresh and use local ingredients. If we can’t make it ourselves, we ask local businesses to contribute! (That dairy-free ice cream in our gluten-free waffle cones? That’s Vancouver’s own Say Hello Sweets!)

What’s your favourite yummy thing to pick up when you stop in our café and bakeshop at 47 West Hastings? The next time you visit, let us know you saw this blog post, tell us what your favourite vegan, gluten-free treat is, and receive 10% off.

Happy gluten-free eating, Gastown!